The best Podcasts for Women's fitness and well being in 2020

Just about everyone here at Nailah has set some sort of New Years Fitness Resolution, but the question is, how likely are we all to follow through with them?
Founder of Nailah Fitness Jane, says her fitness resolutions this year go beyond just the run of mill ´lose a couple of pounds.´


" The thing is, when you're a busy working Mum, it becomes about fitting fitness in, fitting self care in and being kinder to yourself. I started listening to podcasts a couple of years back and they've been a game changer for me. I stick one on whilst I'm getting the dinner ready, when I'm in bed at night filling in my planner rather than watching TV or at the weekend, if I get a five minute break when my husband is running the boys to an activity."

We've compiled a list of Podcasts that we hope not only get you started on those fitness goals but also keep you motivated to carry them through to the end.


The first on our list is Emily Skye, Aussie PT with her new podcast show ´ You Can,´ where she talks about everything from fitness, mum life, relationships to business. 


Adrienne Power Hour


Power Hour from Adrienne Herbert, Personal Trainer, model and mum discusses with her many guests how to get things done without compromising your health and happiness. Where do we sign up?


Dr Rupy Aujla


Want to know more more about food as medicine, eating for PCOS, skin or eye health? Then Dr Rupy Aujla´s The Doctor´s Kitchen podcasts are the ones for you! 


Poppy Jamie Not Perfect Podcast

Want to learn self-acceptance, move past imposter syndrome and convince your brain to be happy? The Not Perfect Podcast from Poppy Jamie and her host of leading health expert guests will help you do just that. 


Frankie bridge Open Mind

Last but not least is Frankie Bridge´s podcasts Open Mind where she discusses mental health and her own struggle and breakthrough

Got your own podcast suggestions that might help other women with their physical and mental health goals this year? Looking for something specific that you are struggling with when it comes to reaching your goals? Join us on our Instagram and Facebook pages @nailahfitness and share your thoughts with other women one their fitness journeys.

Nailah, with you on your journey.




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